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Our Aesthetic

“Fashion is what you buy, STYLE is what you do with it.” We’re firm believers in celebrating your personal style – eclectic or singular, luxurious or sparse. With over 30 years experience in the business, we have the tools to find those signature pieces, those special elements that tell your story. With a distinctive eye for quality, and an extensive knowledge of the market, Andrew will provide you with the exceptional service you deserve, offering extraordinary, and sometimes surprising, pieces that will enhance your home, collection and personal aesthetic.

Antiques 101

The antique market can be difficult to follow. Prices fluctuate; auctions can be tedious and antique malls depressing. The Internet can be unreliable. Imagine a world where someone else would handle all the footwork for you, where you would only have to request an item and have it delivered to you – without all the hassle. We’re also happy to consult with you on a new, or existing, collection; sourcing those signature pieces that will give your assemblage the distinction it deserves.

How We Can Help

Orchard House Antiques is your one-stop for everything desirable. We offer special consultation services for your collection. We find unique one-of-a-kind items for your décor. We can even help you source memorable gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Are you interested in re-designing a room in your house? With knowledge of current and timeless design trends, Andrew is happy to help you achieve your desired effect.


Are you looking to start a collection or interested in finding an investment? Orchard House Antiques offers you a studied and varied assortment of options. We believe decorative and fine arts should be a representation of their owner. Collecting to simply collect is easy – to assemble a group of items that speak to your personal style while also accruing value is not. Nothing should be hidden from view, spending years in a dark vault. Items should be used, experienced as they were at the time of their creation. A painting demands a viewer. Glassware is made to hold water or wine. When we hide our collectables, only the dust enjoys them.

We also cater to your birthday, anniversary and holiday needs. That special something is out there, and with a little guidance from you, we’ll find it. We’ll take the endless hours of thought and consideration from your mind, and assemble a list of appropriate items for your consideration.

If you’re in love with an item at an auction, and need it, we’ll be there and purchase it for you. With consultation, we will represent you, bidding for that special item. As auctions can be unpredictable, we may require you to be available the day of by phone or text, but we’ll be there in person, with paddle in hand. We will also preview the item, inspect it and represent its true condition to you before the sale. Orchard House Antiques is nothing but forthright about the condition, provenance and quality of the items offered.

Pricing is based on a percentage of the total cost of each item, including auction premiums and taxable goods. This will be discussed at our consultation.

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